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4-392 (Original)

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author,male,Twigg, James Hamilton,25 addressee,male
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
O'Farrell, 1984
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I am getting rather sick of Lewis. He is an awful fool and I am afraid a liar as well. He left Napier to come to me with a few pounds he had saved from the wreck of his legacy and on reaching Auckland (says) he had his box stolen with his money in and after a hard struggle got work as groom in some racing stables at 15s. 0d. per week and find himself and winds up by asking me to send him a fiver. However James is nothing green and I wrote and told him to sue the company under the Carrier's Act if the box was stolen while in their charge as it must have been. [101]
Now from your letter I should say you had heard a totally different story, and from Aunt's letters to me he tells them some awful crammers. He was in debt to a fair amount before he got his pile on the expectation system, chiefly for subs to golf clubs etc. and then went in partner with his boss (poultry) who went broke and Lewis lost all. This is from what he has told me. He had £5 when he wrote and I think he had been cleaned out by sharpers. His box, unless very green, would not be the place to keep his boodle in and by his own showing prior to his departure he only had enough to come comfortably and then again he must have booked right through to Albany to save fare in which case why not come on, on his ticket and wire me for train fare from Albany. 
I am stiff now myself and just about to take over a fencing contract 2 miles at £14 and Lewis could have helped me through with it. It is hard to have to leave the place when I am getting on so well. I want £40 to make my paddock sheep proof and £110 to stock it with sheep. I would in two years from then have a very decent living of say £150 to £200 per annum, as of course I can work at home and grow spuds, onions, fruit etc. But money is very scarce here now even the Government have over-reached themselves and are forced to retrench in the various departments pretty considerably.