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4-390 (Raw)

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author,male,Twigg, James Hamilton,25 addressee,male
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
O'Farrell, 1984
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I am still on the place although just about done now financially. It seems so hard when I have been getting on so well, to have to leave and work for someone else. A little capital now would make me independent of work off the place [...] 
I have been on a three weeks holiday to the seaside to one of the oldest places in the Colony Lockeville the residence of the Locke's a highly respectable family one of them being M.L.A. for this district. They keep race horses and a few stallions of their own and have a fine old place all through. Plenty of tennis parties, etc. and boating, fishing and bathing, besides balls and riding parties and the best duck shooting on the estate of any place in the SouthWest. It did me the world of good as I was quite run down but I found that work when I got back was very irksome. However I am fairly into harness again and I suppose it will be a year before I go on the spree again [...] 
I find the kangaroos scarce here now but ducks seem plentiful. I am still fencing; it is slow work by oneself. The ground is so hilly that the wire has to be packed on horseback for miles and if you ever meet a man who has packed any barbed wire, keep out of his way. Still on the whole I have got a lot done in the 9 months I have been living here but I badly want a little money now. 
Work is hard to get and, when got pay is poor. The reaction which always follows a boom has set in and things are flat now in WA. A steady boom in land has however been going on but the selectors are a poor lot and will never stick. They are chiefly store-keepers etc from the fields and don't know how to work, much less farm, as one has to here to make it pay. While their money lasts they may do all right but, in three or four years, partly improved places will be going cheap. 
Potato growing pays better than anything as they bring from £8 to £22 per ton, about £12 being the common price. [99] [100] I have no implements and so am stuck in the mud.