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4-388 (Original)

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addressee,male author,male,Twigg, James Hamilton,24
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
O'Farrell, 1984
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I have been so busy that I have not had a rest for this last 6 months, Sundays included. I have been helping Geoff but have finished with him now and am back in my own little humpy, running the wire round my block. The weather is very warm now about 112 degrees in the shade today and the sun is fearful. I am in good health but thin and could do with a spell very well, but must keep at it while my money lasts which won't be much longer now. Rent in March means £25 and I have just paid £50 for fencing wire freight and carting from station to here. 
[...] when I can get stocked and farm implements I will be right. I will have a very nice place in a few years and I hope with good management profitable one. [98] I have only £50 in the bank now and when I pay rent in March and for the young fruit trees in June, ordered from Victoria at 2s. 0d. a piece, I will have nil and must work for wages again. I won't go back to the fields unless it is for wages or other surety. I can't afford any more wild trips through the back country, much as I would like. I have spent my all on the block and am convinced it will pay me to stick to it. In fact it is Hobson's choice. 
I have never got a paper of any kind from you but Carrie sends me a budget of penny papers weekly or thereabouts which keeps me fairly sane. 
There are plenty of young ducks about and I anticipate good sport when the season opens in January. Everywhere people are looking for land but as I foresaw when I selected, it is all taken up that is any good. I wish you could come over for a spell. I can promise you good rifle shooting. I shot two kangaroos at daylight the other morning in sight of the house. Their tails make grand soup... 
I heard from Lewis sometime ago. He talks of coming over here. I am not very keen on it. He says he has no money and I think has fooled all his inheritance away. The New Zealanders are a bad lot, they bear a bad name in all the Colonies. The place seems to be the resort of all the nere-do-wells and broken down Johnnies in the old country and he would be better out here. I could get him a good billet on a survey party in a few months at 30s. 0d. a week and found which is better than being groom for a sharper at 10s. 0d.