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4-377 (Text)

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addressee,family author,male,Maxwell, James,un
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Private Correspondence
O'Farrell, 1984
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 according to your letter things are not much improved; I am sorry at that but you are not alone in this. I expect before this reaches you that the news of my having to give up business will have reached you or Bangor at any rate. However the deficiency was not a great deal only £32 19 shillings. The last two years has been very trying on everyone in and about Bendigo owing to the severe drought. Farmers in Bendigo and Northern districts are simply in a state of insolvency, consequently shopkeepers suffered, as they had to give credit with the hope that things would improve after the first year but as things did not improve and I was one who gave a little credit, I could not make sufficient return and could not get my money in when wanted to meet my bills and as the prospects for the districts mentioned are very black and not much hope for the next twelve months. 
At the present time there is not a blade of grass in the Northern districts. Sheep have died by the thousand, cattle by hundreds and are dying daily. In the face of this I thought it would be simply putting off the evil day. Had I sufficient capital I might have pulled through until things righted themselves again, but as this was the state of affairs, was compelled to go under after 7 years hard struggle. However such is life. This is what makes up the world and I should and am thankful that my health is good; am also pleased to say that Maggie is enjoying better health now than she has for some time. The heat at Bendigo was very trying on her besides she shared with me in my worries about business. The doctor told us some 12 months ago that she should go away from Bendigo, that it did not suit her and one thing after another has been pointed toward a change. 
About 2 1/2 years ago I had a great longing to go West Australia but being tied to Bendigo could not carry out my wishes and satisfy my longings. However the day has arrived when Bendigo and its cares have ended. By the time this reaches it destination I hope to about 3 weeks in Fremantle or Perth West Australia.