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4-375 (Text)

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author,male,Twigg, James Hamilton,23 addressee,male
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
O'Farrell, 1984
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We got 276 ozs. of gold and sent it round to the Sydney mint to be smelted as it had some of the matrix with it. The largest piece was 7 lbs. (avoirdupoids) the others being two of 6 lbs and one of 14 ozs. (troy). They are the finest nuggets that have brought in from Murchison for sometime. I will invest my share in a block of land and build a house on it in Bunbury. I can get £40 a year rent and this on any outlay of £250 is good interest. 
I was nearly going home for a spell but it would cost me £100 and I've earned it too hard to sling it away to gratify a pleasure. I may go back to the fields and I may start in some business in a small way in Bunbury which by the way is going ahead wonderfully. 
We got all the gold by dry-blowing and all in about 8 weeks.
I am going into Bunbury on Wednesday next to have a look at the fishing banks as there is a big population and no one to supply the demand.... I will get my photo taken in Perth in a few weeks when I get all right. I had no clothes when I was coming down from Cue or I would have got it done then. I think you will find me little changed in appearance, but a few more years of the life I've led on the back blocks would make an old man of me. I am turning grey already like all the young men in the fields. Isn't that strange. I think it must be the tinned stuff. I know it has ruined my stomach  
I was quite bashful talking to the first white girl. I hadn't seen one for so long but it soon wore off. 
One of my mates has gone to England and one to South Australia. There is great talk of British Columbia out here and lots are going. It is too jolly cold for me. You people have been having a fine time over Her Majesty lately. What a lot of rot it all is. I see Dublin didn't altogether approve. I may come home in the summer if I've luck but don't expect me.