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4-339 (Raw)

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addressee,male author,male,Twigg, James Hamilton,22
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
O'Farrell, 1984
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I am very glad Lewis is satisfactorily disposed of. He is going to a better country than this can ever be. Geoff has gone home for Christmas and a few month's [sic] rest, he says, but I don't think he will show his nose up here again. It is truly a God-forsaken hole. I have been laid on my back in a boiling tent with my old enemy dysentery since the 23rd inst. and so have not spent a very enjoyable Christmas but I suppose I'll get over it all right. It is frightfully hot, night and day, and a tent is like an oven. There is no natural shade at all owing to the almost total absence of timber. When I leave here I think I'll take a run over and see you all once again. I'll reckon up the cost and see. A fellow should do the trip there and back for £100 comfortably, third class return of course. After being out here for 5 and a half years pretty well one wants a spell [...] I suppose Lewis goes out to New Zealand as a cadet. Let me know his terms and future prospects and send me his address I might be on the Thames diggings this time next year. But I've found that there is no good laying plans for the future in this kind of life one being entirely guided by circumstances. The market is very dull now at home and the outlook for prospectors bad. If we had public batteries on the out fields like these, a man could do well enough during a slump, and we won't have those for another 5 or 10 years, there being no alluvial to speak of, the poor man has no show. The middleman i.e. the development companies make all the beans. and the prospector getting next to nothing. I found the mine I am at present on and showed it to the present owners and I think they will be pretty decent if they dispose of her all right. At any rate I'll have a spell down south when she's floated whether or not I shot some pigeons at a water hole last week. They were a treat too. With March we get cool weather again, 3 months and the two coming are the hottest of the year. It seems funny to be boiling here at Christmas while you are freezing over there. I must have lost over half a stone in the last 4 or 5 days. It's a terrible place to be the least bit sick. You can get nothing to eat that you'd like and when you do by chance get it the cooking of it yourself takes away your appetite. Every camp round here has gone to the pub to spend Christmas and all their spare cash. I got a present of a bottle of whiskey some days before Christmas and the seal isn't broken yet.