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4-249 (Text)

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author,male,Twigg, James Hamilton,17 addressee,male
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
O'Farrell, 1984
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I have been doing everything since I came, riding, shooting, cutting timber. Frank (Geoff's brother) and I rode 30 miles through the bush to a man called Brockman to get the shooting of his paddock. We can have the shooting if we ring-bark some of his trees. We rode around to see if it was worth it and we think we can make a £20 note out of it as we saw plenty of kangaroos but it was a windy day and they are always wild on a windy one. Though we came up the wind they never let us nearer than 1000 yards. We had rifles of course. I had a 10 shot Winchester 
We will build a hut in the paddock while at it. I can ride like a bushwhacker and jump my horse over fallen timber. Geoff rides a buckjumper. He is a toff at riding and has never been thrown. He is the best rifle shot ever I saw: never misses.  I shot some cockatoos (3) they are good eating. Frank got a small doe kangaroo yesterday. We have soup and roast ever since I came It is the best grub ever I tasted. 
I can't write at all and as I cut my finger with an axe half an hour ago. wish you all were out here, nothing but big gum trees everywhere you go. have never seen 30 yards of clear ground since I came  
You wouldn't know me now with a big hat and a Winchester on a fiery mare and a big knife for skinning in my belt  Frank and I run together now (he is older than Geoff) as Geoff has been away prospecting. He is going again on Monday. Frank thinks to get the ring-barking of Brockman's place (6s. 0d. to 9s. 0d. each a day) after we shoot the kangaroos  
We passed several parties of kangaroo hunters when coming out here. All of them have blacks with them. I wish I had brought a rifle with me. I will have to buy one soon. We are going tamar hunting this evening. It is a small animal of the kangaroo species and very numerous. I will send Carrie some possum skins when they dry. The girls trap them by the dozen and sell the skins.