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4-245 (Text)

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addressee author,male,Leichhardt and Petersham Guardian,un
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Connell, 1980
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The abolition of property qualifications, the abolition of plural voting, the extension of the municipal franchise to all householders, irrespective of sex - only householders to be entitled to vote in respect of the premises they occupy. All elections to be held on Saturdays, and polling to be from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; the Mayor and returning officer to be elected by the people; upon a requisition signed by 10% of the electors, a plebiscite to be taken by the council on any matter of extraordinary or urgent nature arising during the period between the general elections; all assessments for rating purposes to be based on the capital value of the land irrespective of improvements; all buildings and other improvements affected by human exertion to be exempt from rates or taxes; one-half the cost of assessment to be defrayed by the Department of Water and Sewerage; compulsory registration with the local council of all private land, improved or unimproved, situated within the municipality; the council clerk's receipts for the rates due to date to be a necessary condition of transfer or conveyance in respect of any lands sold within the municipality; all plans of new subdivisions of estates within the municipality to be submitted to the council for approval before sales under such sub-division; no streets to be less width than 90 feet and lanes 22 feet; no lots to be less than 20 feet frontage by a depth of 100 feet; every lot to have a lane at rear, and not more than one dwelling to be erected on any one lot; all streets and lanes to be kerbed and guttered before sale by the vendor; every vendor to give guarantee to council's solicitor of certificate of Title to conditional purchases; every owner of land to prove to Council's solicitor his ability to give undoubted title. Cost of kerbing, guttering, paving and lighting to be defrayed out of the general rates, the council to have full control of the means of lighting within the municipality, and own their own lighting plant; all licence fees imposed by the municipality to be paid into the funds of the council; all parks, recreation grounds and public reserves within the municipality to be vested in the local council in trust for the people for all time, no encroachment to be permitted under any pretence whatever, and no impediments to the fullest and freest enjoyment of the people to be permitted except such as may be of absolutely necessary character; a free public library and reading room to be provided; the town hall to be let free upon the requisition of 50 householders for certain purposes; all municipal works to be carried out by day labor.