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4-167 (Text)

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addressee,family author,male,Maxwell, William,42
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
O'Farrell, 1984
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 you will be surprised to know that John is up with us for a few weeks. Mr. Newson wanted a man so I wrote for John as the climate up here is better for him than at Melbourne or Lilydale. He seems and says he is a great deal better since he came up. I do not know how long he may be here. He never looked so well since we came to the colony as what he does now and is one stone heavier. I was surprised to see the change in him when he came here. He is still troubled with a cough in the mornings and if wet or close. I wish he had been here two or three months earlier when the weather was nice and dry, it having changed just a day or two before he came. 
He means to go to his selection as soon as the spring comes to get it fenced. James has made application for 740 acres just next to John's. If he gets it John will be able to look after both. They think that it would be healthier than in town. They mean to go in for cattle rearing and fattening bullocks. It will not be so sore on them as heavy work. Hugh says if it turns out anything well that he will quit selling rags. He is working hard for promotion. He is liked very well where he is and John says he is greatly changed. He goes to parties, balls and picnics and is very popular among the young ladies. We have never seen him yet but he is in good health. John had letters from him a few days ago making enquiries about his selection and also about some shares in mining that he (Hugh) has bought. Hugh wanted me to go in for some shares but I declined as I would rather put my money in house property or land as I think it would be the best investment. 
We will be here six months on the 16th of this month when I will have another instalment for the bank. James does that kind of work for me. This is the country to make money if you have your health. 
There is an old man that lives on a patch of 3 acres that he has taken from Mr. Newson at £2 per acre and he sold £30 work of grapes this year, besides a lot of other fruit of all kinds. 
We will have our wheat finished in about another week. I am glad it is so near done as it has been a busy time. Do you think she would venture out to Australia. She would have to make up her mind to stay and not be thinking long for home as bush life is quite different to what she has been used to. There is not so much company as at home nor what she would call home comforts. However if she would think of coming we would send for her. The boys would have sent home a present for mother only it will take all they can muster to pay for the survey fees and for fencing, but if they are anything fortunate they will do something after sometime. They do not want to borrow money as interest is high here.