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4-120 (Raw)

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addressee,family author,male,Maxwell, James,un
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
O'Farrell, 1984
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 [...] is not the delicate looking scobe he was when he left home; he is hardy looking in the face and muscular in limbs. He tells me he was something weightier some time ago but I expect he will soon pull it up again as he has got a situation with the Cable Tramway Company which is very light. He passed the examination some time ago (which he informed us). His post is engineering (as it is called) of the brakes - a very responsible position indeed and composed of the most respectable young men in Melbourne. He was changed off the dummy or engine of the tram to what is called time-keeper; this post he has had for the last week, this he may be at for a fortnight a month or perhaps more. He can do with this as long as it does with him; has got nothing to do but walk up and down a footpath and see that the buses are started in proper time and that they are not overloaded. The only objection I see to the time-keeping is that the hours are late (viz. 11.15) but not long as he gets it in spells. He commences at 9.30 am relieved at 2 pm on again at 5 is allowed time for tea between that and 11.15. He (John) is still lodging with Mr. Fisher of Kew where he keeps his bees. He wants me to start and hive a lot of them for him as he has not much time at his disposal. I wanted to start right off but he insists on me going up to Echuca (pronounced Etuca) tomorrow morning Wednesday (I don't know how long I may be there perhaps until the Christmas holidays. Hugh intends taking a run down then to see his friends in Melbourne). 
John came here and slept with me. He lay and talked until 4 this morning. He is troubled a little with his cough yet but nothing to signify. He is very thankful for the different nice presents sent him by his friends [...] he will write you by next mail or so; his time for writing is limited now. I went round along with John and saw Mr. Agnew and Mr. Purce his brother-in-law and partner yesterday. They were very friendly and asked me if I intended looking for a situation right off I told them I didn't mind dropping into a situation but that I intended going up country to see Hugh. They advised me to do that and not to be in too big a hurry. Mr. Purce told me that he would introduce me to Mr. Cullen the hardware partner when I returned from country and he Mr. Cullen might be able to put me on a good track. He in the meantime would keep me in his memory. This he proposed without soliciting. Of course Mr. Purce had sounded my business capacities, while Mr. Agnew was engaged chatting to R. and J. Hanna who had called before us. We of course, in business like manner, made our visit short, with promising to call when I return from Echuca. 
Called with Mr. F. Crickard and delivered his stick and parcel. He was very busy and took my address and came round to Mr. McD and spent the evening with me. He is a fine chatty fellow and not the stuck up man I took him for. I am to call with him when I return as he wants me for dinner some Sunday.