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4-100 (Original)

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author,male,Queenslanders,un addressee
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Government English
Petitions & Proclamations
Clark, 1975
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10. That Your Majesty's humble petitioners further humbly represent that past Australian experience shows that the separation of a portion of territory, fitted for self-government, from a colony by vast extent, and its creation into an independent colony, invariably tend to the advantage of both. Your Majesty's humble petitioners crave leave to adduce the progress of the originally insignificant colony of Queensland during the first five years of its existence, and the increased trade of New South Wales, as conspicuous instances of this result.
11. That Your Majesty's humble petitioners further humbly represent that, in view of the federation of the Australian colonies, it is essential that the important district of North Queensland should be formed into a separate colony; as otherwise it will be deprived of all the privileges of representation in the Federal Council.
12. That Your Majesty's humble petitioners further humbly represent that in the settlement, trade, revenue, and productive power the districts north of the twenty-second degree of south latitude near Cape Palmerston, in Your Majesty's colony of Queensland are fairly to be considered equal to those of the said Colony in its entirety in the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five; and that in variety of resources and prospect of progress arising from their development, the Northern territory exhibit a great superiority
13. That Your Majesty's humble petitioners further humbly represent that inasmuch as the revenue receipts from the Northern territory are far beyond the general average of those of the whole Colony, the Northern districts lose the difference, amounting to many thousands of pounds, between the just and actual payments; while in consequence of the incidence of the public debt being distributed generally, the apportionment of the expenditure being local, the Northern districts receive much less than is justly due to them, and Your Majesty's humble petitioners are charged with an annual sum for interest greatly beyond that with which they ought to be burdened. For such injustice, unless by the relief afforded by self-government, there is no redress.
14. That Your Majesty's humble petitioners further humbly represent that, in the expenditure of the funds derived from the public loan, grave inconvenience and loss is sustained by the Northern districts in consequence of the long delay necessarily occasioned in the completion of their public works, even when the application of these funds is justly apportioned, while it Sometimes happens that the postponement of Northern requirements, to those of the other districts, aggravates the injury thus sustained. [222]
15. That Your Majesty's humble petitioners further humbly represent that the great distance of the capital from the Northern districts, combined with the numerical superiority possessed, and likely to be possessed for an indefinite period, by the electorates in proximity to it, operates very seriously to their detriment. Were the interests of the North and South identical in nature, the evils arising from such circumstances might be ameliorated; but Your Majesty's humble petitioners further humbly represent that those interests and industries, and the essentials to success in either, are, from differences of climate and soil, exceedingly diverse; and that the real conditions of the northern portion of Your Majesty's Colony of Queensland are but imperfectly understood or appreciated in the southern end of the Colony; the natural consequences being aggravated by the latter having in the Legislative Assembly a large permanent majority, conservative of, and giving naturally preference to, what they consider the claims of their own constituents.
16. That Your Majesty's humble petitioners further humbly represent that such conditions would operate most disastrously to the North in the event of hostilities occurring between Your Majesty's United Kingdom and any foreign Power. Along the whole seaboard, from Cape Palmerston on the eastern coast to the junction with the Northern Territory of Your Majesty's Colony of South Australia, and in the one hundred and thirty-eighth degree of east longitude, there is not a single port of the seven which have been formed that is not entirely defenceless against the most insignificant piratical attack; and until very recently not the slightest effort has been made to induce naval or military organisation in any form, or opportunity given for it. The distance of any of them from Brisbane would render co-operation thence impossible, while the absence of skilled direction - concentrated on the capital - would paralyse voluntary effort. Your Majesty's humble petitioners humbly urge that with self-government not only would the necessity for self-defence be recognised, but provision for it would undoubtedly follow.
17. That Your Majesty's humble petitioners further humbly represent that they have calculated the expenditure required for all purposes of government in the proposed new colony, and found that they would be more than provided for out of the revenue that would be immediately available.
18. That Your Majesty's humble petitioners crave leave to inform Your Majesty that upon all these matters they have, as was their duty, fully informed Your Majesty's Secretary of State for Your Majesty's Colonies, and have furnished that Minister with statistics and documents from official sources in proof of their humble representation. [223]
19. Your Majesty's humble petitioners beg humbly to express their confidence that the justice and regard to public obligation which have distinguished the Imperial Government during Your Majesty's reign will be extended to them. Trusting in the promises implied by the Act of Parliament cited, and expressed in the words of Your Majesty's Minister; they have laid the foundation for the establishment of a colony superior, were it once created, to many that enjoy the blessing of Your Majesty's protection, and second to none in the magnitude and variety of its resources, as yet but slightly developed. Your Majesty's humble petitioners pray for self-government in order that they may fully employ those resources, not merely to the great advantage of the Northern District, but to the increase and prosperity of the trade and commerce of the United Kingdom, and of that greater Empire over which Your Majesty so wisely reigns. In what Your Majesty's humble petitioners crave leave to look at as the first fulfilment of an obligation, they recognise a further step towards that consolidation of the interests and affinities between the Empire and its dependencies, which Your Majesty's humble petitioners venture to conceive must tend to the, prosperity and happiness of Your Majesty's subjects throughout Your Majesty's, dominions.
Wherefore Your Majesty's humble petitioners most humbly, pray That Your Majesty, considering the premises, will be graciously pleased to direct such measures to be taken as in your Royal discretion may appear consonant with existing legislation, and may be. necessary for the creation of the Northern portion of the Colony of Queensland into a separate colony, with such boundaries as to Your Majesty's wisdom may seem fit, and under a continuance of the form of representative government at present, existing.
And Your Majesty's humble petitioners will, as in duty bound, ever pray, &c.