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4-096 (Text)

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addressee,family author,male,Maxwell, Hugh,27
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Private Correspondence
O'Farrell, 1984
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 I left my situation in Heathcote rather more than a week ago. There was no chance of a rise screw there. I got another crib yesterday wages £2 15s. The name of the place is Corowa. It is on the Murray River New South Wales side 184 miles from Melbourne railway all the way. I should think it is not more than 40 or 50 miles from Yackandandah across the country but much more by rail. I don't know that the crib will be very permanent as it is a new firm and the cannot tell what trade will be done. However the screw is pretty good and when that crib gives up something else may turn up. 
John looks very much stronger then he did six months ago. I believe he could do as much work as any other man. The cough is not quite gone but is very severe now. I do not know that he mentioned in any of his letters that he was going into bee-keeping along with another young man (who understands the scientific principle of working bees). He was the gardener where John is working. They each put an equal sum of money down and get equal shares of the profit. They make Quinby hives in the evenings (moveable frame hives). I think John will give up his crib in a week or so so that they can push forward hive making before the summer sets in thereby securing the advantages of the best honey season. Mr. Amey the partner works 3 days in the week the other 3 he devotes to collecting swarms and hive making etc. etc. 
I am going to put £10 worth of bees which will be about 16 or 18 swarms into the business. John and Amey will supply the hives and other appliances, look after the bees and sell the honey for half the amount realised and the young swarms the other half of the amount will be my share. I expect it to realise 100%. 
You understand the bees have not to be destroyed under this principle, which is a great savings. If the undertaking proves a success I will go into the business next year. By that time John will know something about the workings of the bees etc. John will be able to give you fuller particulars by Christmas. It will save John from having to work so hard in the warm summer weather. Mr. Amey and John have taken a little house near Kew. They have got a tenant for half the house keeping two rooms and a workshop for themselves. They have ample sitting room for their bees in the little garden in front of the house; they will cook for themselves etc. 
If I am not mistaken bee farming could be made one of the best paying occupations in Victoria for a man with small capital. 
It will be two years tomorrow since John and I left home. It does not look like it looking back. We have not made much money but if we get along as fairly, considering circumstances, the next two years we cannot complain. I enjoy very good health myself