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4-075 (Raw)

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author,male,Maxwell, Hugh,26 addressee,male
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
O'Farrell, 1984
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Hugh Sheils's opinion about farming in this country is not very great. Of course he has only been in one district and cannot form a very correct opinion. [136] He still seems to be in the notion of going home in about April next although he is now getting very good wages £2 a week. I think now that he is here he should try it out for a while longer. You will please to remember that the above is not to be spoken of to anyone not even his own people. Let himself be the first to give such information as I do not want my name mixed up with it in any way [...] 
[...] as he cannot see a good prospect in farming he thinks it not worthwhile to stay. If he does go home in April he will be able to give you a description of the bush and bush life. 
There is only one district where there is any good land for selection that is called Gippsland but I believe it is very heavily timbered although the land is said to be good when it is cleared. A selector of Government land has not to pay all the money at first but pays in instalments - the paying it is not so heavy as the getting the right kind of land and in the right place not too far from railway or good market I mean. On the whole I cannot advise you to come this year and you must not hold too high an opinion of a place until you have seen it. 
When John grows a little stronger and the weather gets warmer he will be giving it a trial up country and in the course of another twelve months we will be better able to give you an idea of the state of things as we find them ourselves and not by the report of others. It is a very fine climate; the winter is very mild only a little cold in the mornings when there is a white frost. This winter for so far has not been wet. The worst in my opinion is the heat in the middle of summer. 
As far as I am concerned I have rather better prospect than in Belfast and by no means regret the change although in some ways it is very different, you know. John is certainly better in this climate than home [...]