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4-069 (Text)

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addressee,family author,male,Maxwell, John,23
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
O'Farrell, 1984
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 she need not mourn for as soon as my chest gets better I will surely give Old Ireland a visit again. Although the climate of Queensland is well suited for a weak chest yet it is not well suited for the liver. I am greatly troubled with my liver now and then. I think so much mutton and beef and the warm climate is the cause of it. If I had plenty of buttermilk I would not be troubled with it. I never have seen buttermilk since I came to Queensland but Mrs Smith the manager's wife is going to get three or four cows and make butter so I will get buttermilk then but Australian milk is not so well tasted as the home milk because it only the cream that is churned  
You will be surprised when you hear of my being in Queensland. I got a letter of introduction from Mr Agnew to Dr Rowan whose brother and himself owns a good part of this station, Smith the manager having also an interest in it. The Doctor's brother gave me a letter of introduction to Mr Smith and sent me up to Queensland. The letter said that I was a new arrival who had chosen the squatting as my profession and that I was to receive exactly what pay I was worth. Mr Rowan said he would write a private letter to Mr Smith telling him I was to have a little room or cabin separate from the other men. I have my meals with Mr and Mrs Smith and I have a nice little bedroom where I am now writing but as regards pay I don't know what I will have. I would be content with 15s. per week. If I don't get that I will try something else. I intend putting over winter here if I can and next spring to get a job at sheep or cattle driving down to Victoria and there begin harvesting and afterwards either to return with a drove of sheep or employ with a farmer. There is always sheep going south and others going north which you will think strange. Sheep can be reared cheaper in Queensland and are driven south to a better market and good breeds of sheep are driven north.