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4-051 (Text)

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addressee,male author,female,Mathews, Eliza,21
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
O'Farrell, 1984
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Oh my darling what a cheerless world it would seem to me without your precious love and the hope in prospect of being your little wife. And I, although I love you so dearly I don't idolise you darling. I don't love you or think more highly of you than I know you deserve and I have no fear of ever being disappointed in you Alick dear. I know what a dear good man I am going to love for a husband, but I know you are not perfect, I know you have feelings, but they do not hinder you being a dear good noble man my darling, and I don't praise you my Alick unless I think you deserve it. I let you know sometimes what I don't like now don't I? It does seem very tantilising not to be able to get men to work at the house, but my darling things seem scarcely fit yet to bring a young wife to the station. In a year's time the blacks may be quieter and more settled and if you sell a station it will take you less from home. I would be willing to go tomorrow, but darling we must do what is best and nothing rashly. At present a young wife there would be a great anxiety. You must be a good deal away and you would not like to leave me and yet the station cannot be neglected, so darling putting to one side the house not being ready, perhaps it is best you are not tempted to come this year. I know it is hard and gladly would I be with you if it were possible my darling, and I know another year of waiting will be hard to bear, but my darling knows a higher hand overrules it all and if He knows that it is not to be this year it will not be. Oh Alick you know it does not cost me no effort to write this. It is a long time to wait and I know we will often feel very lonely without each other. I would it could have been this year my darling. It would have been joy indeed and happiness to have had you sooner and I will try to wait patiently my own. Your little wiffie does love her own Alick so much and does long for the time when I shall be yours indeed. 
I do wish you had not so much to do with the blacks. It is a dreadful thing to be continually hunting down ones fellow creatures, for they are our fellow creatures and have precious and immortal souls. Oh my darling keep your hands free from your fellow creature's blood. For you to need to fire on them makes me feel miserable. It seems dreadful when really in your heart you cannot blame them for taking the sheep. They don't know right from wrong. They only fear the punishment that may be inflicted if the white men catch them. Be very careful in your use of firearms my darling, poor degraded wretches though they are, yet in God's sight they are precious, Christ died for them as well as us, and for this reason we should protect them as far as lies in our power. 
We are, I know, apt to look down on them as something little better than beasts, but remember darling they have souls as well as we, and don't let them rise up in judgement against us in the last great day. Keep your hands free from human creatures blood, or how can we expect God's blessing to rest on us my Alick? We will not prosper if we disregard his commandments.  I know my boy tries to follow his divine master, but we need grace every day darling and we need to fight against our own inclinations else we will sadly go astray.