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4-048 (Original)

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author,female,Mathews, Eliza,21 addressee,male
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
O'Farrell, 1984
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I wonder what my Alick is doing now. This is Thursday afternoon. I have got 1st June but it is 31st May. They always tell me here if I do anything wrong or stupid that I am in love. So there's an excuse. So you must take it that I am in love if I write down anything wrong or stupid. I expect if you were here you would tell me that you hoped I was in love. Well I scarcely need to tell you I am in love, or the person I am in love with, need I? My Alick knows that don't you?... The best part is yet to come, the purest happiest joy is yet in store for us darling. The time we are both looking forward to so eagerly, when we shall be to each other what we have yet never been, the sharing together of mutual joys, sorrows and the different experiences that come to all homes. Oh darling with what joy we look forward to the fulfilment of our hopes don't we? [75] [...]
Oh dear me love is a queer thing. What made you do such a thing, you a young man who tried to convince us you would never do such a stupid thing as fall in love or get married, why you hooted the very idea of such a thing. Surely there must be some magic at work, or has Australia the effect on cold Northerners of making them hot and rash so that they fall in love, get such fervour unstilled in them that they get quite hot. What is it? Australia must be a funny place, especially Victoria. At any rate you have changed and shall I give the credit to Victoria. Now don't you think you are going to have a very respectful little girl for a wife? If she makes such fun of you now, what will she do by and by? Do as you tell me! Eh!!! Now don't you be thinking you're going to tame me up in the wilds of W.A. Why I'll be as wild as a March hare. Don't you feel afraid of this little monkey's naughtiness? I am in a wicked mood I think this afternoon, I would just like a good piece of fun. I feel I would like to tease you if I were near you. Do you remember I used to tease you when you wanted a kiss and I would just touch your lips with the very point of mine and you would look as though you would shake me, especially if I repeated it several times. You must teach me good manners when you are the veritable lord and master. Oh don't I quake at the thought of the treatment you'll subject me to!!!