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4-001 (Original)

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author,female,Clark, Caroline E.,un addressee,female
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Teale, 1982
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You ask me how we began Boarding out. It was begun privately by myself as an experiment. By the permission of the Chief Secretary Mr Arthur Blyth I took out two children and found homes for them and then three or four other people did the same the Government allowing each child the cost of its maintenance in the Asylum which was then 9 / - per week. I paid 6 / - per week for board, 1 / - for school and the remainder I had for clothing. This was more than was necessary and altho' one of my children was very unhealthy and one of his doctor's bills came to nearly £3-0-0 I saved money upon them so that when the allowance was cut down to 6 / 9 I had a considerable sum in hand. The allowance was afterwards reduced to 5 / - . By that time the poor delicate boy was dead and the woman who had the care of the little girl assisted me by purchasing the child's shoes and stockings and paying for her schooling out of the 6 / - which I continued to allow her, and the extra shilling and the other clothing I had to find. It did not cost much. I made the clothes myself and they were taken great care of.
My experiment was a failure unhappily, the mother claimed the child as soon as she was old enough to go to service and as she was then married and living respectably she was allowed to have her and carried her off to a bush station.
We began our society by sending a circular to a few suitable people and calling a meeting and then forming ourselves into a committee and applying to the Government for permission to have children when we had found homes for them and an allowance for each. This application was refused and it was not till two years afterwards that our society got to work. Then the Destitute Board began to place out children on their own account. We offered our assistance which was accepted and they keep us informed of all that they do with the children and receive reports from our visitors. We wished to have taken the responsibility but the 'Board' requiring the reports to be sent in within three days of the visits and that they should go direct we were obliged to request our visitors to send them in duplicate one to me and one to the 'Board'. The reports come in at the rate of 40 or 50 a month and the correspondence has become so heavy that although we have two secretaries now my part as chief involves more work than I can easily do. Our colony has just adopted postal cards and I find these save my time very much.