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3-271 (Text)

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author,female,Payne, Rosa,un addressee,female
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Frost, 1984
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Rich Avon, West Avon Plains by Glenorchy, Victoria
25th March 1870
My dear Miss Lewin, I am now satisfied. I must have written my letter to you in great bitterness of spirit & in utter disgust too of the colony. Now I shall endeavour to modify & moderate my feelings & give you a juster & unprejudiced view of things. My lines are now cast in pleasant places. Strange as it may seem to you, it just feels here as though it were my groove in life. The Scotts are pleasant, educated, kindly people. My duties are not laborious & what they are I like greatly.
In Bush life there is a great charm. Lonely perhaps some people would find it. I never have done so. I have seen more of life, of the springs of action in people, their ways, and peculiarities, than I ever did in my life before & I have travelled & seen much. Perhaps it is because there is less reserve, less stiffness, less of the conventionalities of life. I like it. I am very happy with all this. I feel I am in the Colony simply not of the people, or with them, beyond our own household.
I had the pleasure of staying at Mrs Somerville Learmonth's about six weeks ago. She is very nice & I liked her greatly. So like home is she. She regretted not having seen you & spoke so highly of Miss Rye. At the same time she quite agreed with me that it is a mistake sending Governesses out to Australia. There are quite sufficient to suit the requirements of the Colony and in so many cases utter misery to the ladies who do come out. I have heard some sad strange tales since I came out. I never would advise a sister of my own to act as I have done, particularly now the Colony seems to have reached a culminating point of difficulty & embarrassment. There is nothing doing in business. This is quite universal. Many settlers - (Squatters) have failed. Many have abandoned their run. If rain does not come soon, I don't know what will be done, for the sheep are dying so for want of food. Literally there is not one blade of grass.
You ask me why do I hate Australia & Australians. I expressed myself rather strongly then. Now I shall just say I do not like place or people, nor never shall but as I have made it my home I shall put up with it & all its shortcomings. Place & people with few exceptions are verily the antipodes of home, selfish mortally and so unsympathizing. I think I have said all I have to & I wonder what you will say on reading this production. 
Thanking you once more for your kind letter & hoping when you have leisure you will sometimes bestow a thought on me, I remain dear Miss Lewin,
Yours very sincerely
Rosa Payne