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3-179 (Text)

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addressee,male author,male,McCance, John,34
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Fitzpatrick, 1994
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Chewton Forest Creek Sep 14th / 1859 
Dear Sir 
I very gladly received your few lines addressed to me for which I feel doubly obliged and the more that you condescende to communicate with me. I am certnly very much astonished to hear of that wonderfull revival in your land and neighbourhood and I sincearly thank God for the Blessed news and I trust before you receive this that in place of tens you will have hundreds to record that is brought from darkness to behold the marvilous light. 
It would be very shortly after the date of your last that you would hear of the Death of Robert Gibson which would very much surprise you all but Remember he is only gone before and this is the sure portion of us all and it is a loud call for us to be also ready. We were also very glad to hear of you and all your familys good health and to hear of all our friends being in good health also. 
John & Mary were very glad that you mentioned her Father & Mother but John Reagen is working at some distance from us and I have not seen him since I got the letter. Thomas Brooks is also at a distance of 10 - or 12 miles from us towards the City of Melbourne working with William Patton and John Leackey at the Blacksmith work so I have not seen him since either. Mr. John Jeffery is still liveing at Fryerstown but he has never come over to see us yet although it is not far from us. He is Store Keeping there. 
Mr. Robert Byers was a long time rambling about the country idle although we tried our utmost but however we did succeed in getting him a situation through the Agency of the School Master who is teaching all our children at present. He is with an uncle of his but as he tells me that he is for writeing by this mail so you will hear from him. But I am glad to inform you that he told me in his letter that he has joined the totle Abstainance Since he went there and I trust by this time that he will be a member of the Wesleyan body of which his Master is a preacher although he is a gentleman. 
William Boyde from Bally Halbert is still working with John Regen and Wm Boyce. As for the others they have not left it in our power to mention them. Mr. Cowan is still in our neighbourhood but to recompence my Mrs. he tried to do her all the harm he could. As to Mr. Kerr we do not Know where he is or what he is doeing neither do I think he will do well. I have not heard of Mr. John Semple lately or whither he is removed or not.  I think Robert Byers is well fixed if he takes care as I think he will. 
Indeed I have very little news to send but what you will get by these papers which I intend to send by this mail. Our railway works is still goeing on. They are working at them opisite our place at present but the wages is eight shillings per day and I have that where I am and less hours and easier work. I will be three years there on the 18th of this month. 
I think I have often told you about our stage coaches. We have a good number on our road now. We have four day coaches. One leaves Castlemaine at six oclock in the morning with 6 horses one at eight with 4 do two at half past nine with six horses each. One leaves at one oclock with 4 horses and is it