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3-164 (Raw)

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author,male,Moore, Thomas,un addressee,male
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Private Correspondence
O'Farrell, 1984
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I have not been one of the lucky ones in a pecuniary point of view. The year before the discovery of the gold mines, not liking the immediate prospects of the colony I determined to reduce my establishment and pay off a mortgage on this property. I therefore sold two outlying leased stations with the stock on them wherein I committed a great error as since the gold has attracted so large a population, property of that description has risen enormously in value [...] those stations which I sold for £3,000 I could since have readily got £50,000, a difference that makes a man rich or poor; in deciding which to part with the leasehold or freehold I naturally held to the latter which no doubt will be the most valuable in the end and is now beginning to improve that the excitement caused by this wonderful discovery is subsiding and people are dropping into the ordinary pursuits of life.
We have had another great cause of excitement that has retarded our prosperity as yet. The change in the form of our Government from irresponsible to responsible which has caused so much struggling between two parties to hold the power that the business of the country has been entirely neglected and a system of extravagance been sanctioned that has involved us in a considerable debt. [36] Although the resources of the colony are very great it will take both good judgment and considerable time to set matters to rights again. We have just gone through a General Election, the results of which is that the Liberal Party have gained considerable strength but the country have no confidence in the men that hold the reins of Government and most likely at the meeting of Parliament this month they will be ousted. I take no active part in politics, though strongly inclined to the Liberal side but remain quietly at home witnessing their bickerings and indulging in my favourite philosophical pursuits, though last year I very near committed myself, as a neighbour and friend who I have a very high respect for was nominated one of the Ministers of the Commission of Land and Public Works - who offered me any office in his gift and I was induced to accept his Deputy with a salary of £1,000 per year but fortunately one of the many changes occurred and I was released; he has been again Minister but I would not accept. I have not very long to pass in this world and I prefer spending the time in peace and quietness when I may be better prepared for the next. I take considerable interest in all scientific pursuits going on in the colony and now and then put forth a lecture or launch a shaft against the terrible ignorance and extravagance that has been displayed in making our railroads.