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3-006 (Raw)

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author,male,A.B. (Commissioner),un addressee
Legal Document
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Government English
Legal English
Clark, 1975
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With reference to the Proclamation issued on the 22nd May instant, declaring the rights of the Crown in respect to gold found in its natural place of deposit within the territory of New South Wales, his Excellency the Governor, with the advice of the Executive Council, has been pleased to establish the following provisional regulations under which licences may be obtained to dig, search for, and remove the same: - 
1. From and after the first day of June next no person will be permitted to dig, search for, or remove gold on or from any land, whether public or private, without first taking out and paying for a licence in the form annexed.
2. For the present, and pending further proof of the extent of the gold field, the licence fee has been fixed at one pound ten shillings per month, to be paid in advance; but it is to be understood that the rate is subject to future adjustment, as circumstances may render expedient.
3. The licences can be obtained on the spot, from the commissioner who has been appointed by his Excellency the Governor to carry these regulations into effect, and who is authorized to receive the fee payable thereon.
4. No person will be eligible to obtain a licence or the renewal of a licence, unless he shall produce a certificate of discharge from his last service, or prove to the satisfaction of the commissioner that he is not a person improperly absent from hired service.
5. Rules adjusting the extent and position of land to be covered by each licence, and for the prevention of confusion, and the interference of one licence with another, will be the subject of early regulations. [9]
6. With reference to lands alienated by the Crown in fee simple, the Commissioner will not be authorized for the present to issue licences under these regulations to any person but the proprietors, or persons authorized by them in writing to apply for the same.
Form referred to No. 185.
The bearer having paid to me the sum of one pound ten shillings on account of the territorial revenue, I hereby license him to dig, search for, and remove gold on and from any such Crown land within the county of Bathurst as I shall assign to him for that purpose, during the month of 185.
This licence must be produced whenever demanded by me, or any other person acting under the authority of the Government. A B, Commissioner