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2-301 (Text)

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author,male,Moore, Thomas,un addressee,male
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
O'Farrell, 1984
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I think I can safely say we are now in a more prosperous state than we have ever been before with our wool tallow oil etc. to England and our horses to India. We have now established a valuable export that must rise more rapidly than any other colony and what is of more consequence our social condition is fast improving; the introduction of so many females into our society has had the most beneficial effect and I sincerely trust the exertions now making at home to establish a universal system of emigration will succeed as in most of our colonies there is abundance to supply the wants of your overplus starving population; in this for one there cannot be a finer opening for industrious people.  One of our greatest evils is the want of religious instruction a want that is not easily supplied in so widely spreading a population as ours although I think a great deal more might be done than is. The few clergymen of our persuasion are by no means active, at least compared with the Roman Catholics who are fast gaining ground in these colonies. Our bishop Broughton is a talented man but like most of his class eaten up with pride and bigotry and his violent opposition to all other persuasions does our church no good. The clergy are not sufficiently paid and have recourse to keeping schools which occupies the greater portion of their time which ought to be spent in visiting their extensive parishes. We are 6 miles from Goulburn where our nearest church is situated therefore our attendance cannot be very regular. We have become quite settled here now. I feel much more satisfaction in living on my own property than in rented one. Notwithstanding the had times I have managed to get up a very good stone house or part of a house as it is built with the intention of adding considerably to it with a capital garden and other appurtenances around; the surrounding scenery is very beautiful and capable of great improvement in laying out the ground and planting. In a few years I expect Pomeroy will be the gem of Australia in point of picturesque scenery. I can even have my boat and water sufficient to pull or sail a mile in length on the river Wollondilly which runs through my property nine miles in a direct line. We have Willoughby Dowling his wife and family and Miss Dickson living with us therefore are a strong party and a very Recherche one as they are all good looking and possess considerable accomplishments. We astonished the Argyle County in giving a grand ball a few weeks since at which there were 60 persons quite as refined as you would meet in England; some of them came 40 miles to it; by this you will perceive we are not destitute of society and still we can be as retired as we like.