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Legal Framework

The Australian National Corpus’ Legal Framework

The Australian National Corpus supports a sound legal policy that recognises differences in the intellectual property rights intrinsic to the various collections included in the AusNC.  An open licencing structure was desirable, but not achievable during the project due to several retrospective collections that contain:

  • Content from another source (e.g. input).
  • Content that may contain personal information and is limited for research purposes only.

For this reason, our contributor licence agreement was based on the following criteria:

  • A licence to use IP for the Purpose
  • The Purpose includes a distribution model (see our Terms of Use click through agreement)
  • Warranties about IP ownership / rights / use for Purpose
  • Indemnity to support warranties
  • Otherwise material provided ‘as is’
  • A Moral Rights Consent for contributors to arrange for authors to sign, where applicable.

See the Australian National Corpus' Legal Framework visual for additional information on our legal policy.

The Australian National Corpus also acknowledges the ethical considerations over linguistic data, and the need to maintain confidentiality of human subjects.  See the Australian National Corpus’ Contribution Guidelines – Ethical considerations for contributors section for more information on data and ethics.  

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